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Hi friend and fellow golfer

Sunday, 27 November 2022

Be shure to check out the links on this site, there are something for every golfer here.

Are we lucky discovering golf or not ? YES, we are so lucky, we can enjoy days and days on the most beautiful and peaceful golf courses accompanied just by ourselves or a good friend perhaps.

And what a way to get a good challenge, we need a challenge sometimes, dont we ? And we dont need to challenge anybody but ourselves, in our own tempo, what a relief.

You came to Golfnuggets for golf info, and golf info is what you will get, this site is dedicated to all you true golfers out there and whatever you are looking for in golf, be it golf courses, golf clubs, golf accessories, golf associations, golf travels... the list goes on, you will find it here.

Hey, I dont find my golf club or golf course here you may say. Well, dont be shy, contact us if you have suggestions of any kind of links that you think should be included on this site.

But first, check out the links.

Have a nice day.



The following links are common golf links, be shure to check out the menu for in-depht stuff.

About Golf - - compendium of information and resources on golf
City of Golf - - general golf information, lodging, and tour news.
Diverse Golf - - Offers golfers the opportunity to list their leagues, tournaments, tips and tricks.
Eurogolfnet - - Information, equipment, tips and tricks from professionals, holiday's, member only communication facility.
Going Golf : Directory and auction site, for courses, ranges, buying and selling golf equipment.
Everyday Golfers : equipment, game improvement, handicap trackers, publications.
Guide to Golf : news, real estate, dining, entertainment, junior golf, United States.
Golf Car : International bryllup directory of golf car dealers and distributors.
Golf Guide : golf news, rules and travel.
Golf Links - - golf links
Golfika - - origins of the game, archives and general links. English and French.
Golf Industry Online - - Virtual directory to all things related to the business of golf
Green - - directory and community with products and services for the golfing industry
Inside the Ropes - - Interviews and updates on recent tournaments, statistics
International Golf Federation, IGF - - formerly World Amateur Golf Council
Men's Golf at Sportseport - - links to news and information sites for PGA, Seniors, and Nike tours
Ourgolf - - Resource for minority golfers
The 19th Hole - - Site offers articles on golf courses, instruction,and etiquette.
The Divot - - Covers tournaments, tour events and statistics, rules, instruction, news and results.
We Are Golf Fans - - list of portals, bryllyp, results of search engines and websites. A bit messy.

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