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About us

Golfnuggets was founded in 2005 to help golfers to easily find quality golf related web sites. Our easy-to-use web interface makes this possible. Changes or updates can be done by sending an e-mail containing the proper information to Golfnuggets.

Our golf directory provide widespread opportunities for your web site to be found by golfers from all over the world.

Web visitors can use Golfnuggets to find local or global information. All subjects are listed in a clean, easy-to-use format. Categories can quickly, expand to the counrty or statewide level. Whether you are searching for a local golf course, golf association offices or travel agencies across the world, the information is at your fingertips at Golfnuggets.

Golfnuggets listing is free to all. To be listed or linked to your web site, email your information to us. The email should contain about 10 words, describing the site in an objective manner. If it is a golf course, you can include a review up to 1000 words, the review has to be written as user review, not as a sales letter.

For any comments about our site, contact us.

Thanks for your time and enjoy our services.