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This is a list of golf associations in Italia.

Golf associations are good for many things and sometimes you will have a special need for knowledge that only the golf associations of Italia can provide. They have in-depht knowledge of whats going on there and can be a great resource.

If you are looking for a spesific Italia based golf association the chanses are good that you will find it by checking out this list.

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Golf Associations of Italia

Aerogolf Associazione Golf Piloti Aeronautici
Associazione Commercialisti Golfisti
Associazione Golf Club Lombardia
Associazione Golfisti Italiani Seniores
Associazione Italiana Agenti di Viaggio Golfisti
Associazione Italiana Dirigenti ed Imprenditori Golfisti
Associazione Italiana Giornalisti Golfisti, Casatenovo
Associazione Italiana Informatici Golfisti, Pordenone
Associazione Nazionale Militi Golfisti, Guidonia, Roma
Diplomatic and International Golf Association
Italian Golf Federation
Italian Ladies Golf Association, ILGA, Milano
Junior Golf,
Lombardia Golf
PGA of Italy, PGA Italiana
The Leith Society, Rules and History of Golf, Bolzano
Toscana Golf
Tourist Golf Association
World Italian Golfers Association


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