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This is a list of golf associations in Japan.

Golf associations are good for many things and sometimes you will have a special need for knowledge that only the golf associations of Japan can provide. They have in-depht knowledge of whats going on there and can be a great resource.

If you are looking for a spesific Japan based golf association the chanses are good that you will find it by checking out this list.

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Golf Associations of Japan Tournament Promotion Association of Japan, GTPA
Golf Unio Kyushu,
Greenery by Golfers Group,
Hokkaido Golf Association Northern Japan
Japan Golf Association
Japan Golf Course Industry Association,
Japan Golf Course Association, NGK
Japan Golf Goods Association, JGGA
Japan Golf Journalist Association
Japan Golf Range Association, JGRA
Japan Golf Tour Organization, JGTO
Japan Ladies Professional Golfers Association
Japan Public Golf Industry Society
Japanese Society of Golf Course Architects, JSGCA
Kansai Golf Practice Union,
Kanto Students Golf Association
Professional Golfers Associataion of Japan
Tohoku Golf Association,
US Golf Teachers Federation Japan


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