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Monday, 06 December 2021

Be shure to check out this page, there are a lot of links to golf courses and golf clubs in Iceland. Who knows, maybe you will find a course that you didnt know existed nearby your home.

It may not always be easy to find all the golf courses and golf clubs of Iceland on the web, but on Golfnuggets we want to list as many as possible of them and here are courses and clubs for any taste.

If you know a golf course or golf club that you want us to add to our Iceland list, please tell us.

Have a nice day.


Iceland - Golf Course and Club list

Golfklúbburinn Keilir
Golfklubbur Ness
Golfklúbburinn Oddur - Odd Fellow
Golfklúbbur Suðurnesja
GR - Golfklúbbur Reykjavíkur
Golfklúbbur Vestmannaeyja - golf club of the Westman Islands, Iceland.


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