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Sunday, 27 November 2022

Be shure to check out the links on this site, there are something for every golfer here.

Sometime we just find that we need an extra push towards our goals. It can be enough with a few tips and hints, but if we really want to master golf, nothing is like good in-depht instruction and lessons from a personal golf instructor. And sometimes we find that we can afford just that.

Golf instruction is a wide and diverse theme. Driving, putting, what clubs and balls to buy... and all the golf instructors have their own style. Think about that if you want to get golf instructon and listen to carefully to friends if they are recommending somebody.

Golf instruction is not cheap, but there are group instruction classes where you can participate and get away with a lower instruction fee.

This is a list of selected golf instruction, lessons and tip sites. The list is not big, but good. Feel free to suggest a new site to add to the list.

Have a nice day.




Golf instruction and tip sites

Golf instruction -, talks about golf training aids ++
Golf instruction
- golf tips, learn about golf
Golf Gist - learn golf
Inside the Tour - detailed instruction and lessons, step by step
Stop Slicing - golf education
Golf Help - lots of tricks to pick up here
Golf Link - tips`n tricks


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